Swarna Maintanace Scheme

Opp–Akkamahadevi Women’s CollegeNew Udgir road, Bidar 585401

Phone : 08482 – 228103Mobile : 09448488103

Piping work

water/hot water supply facilities, kitchen facilities,, water purification facilities, water toilet facilities,

Waterproofing work

Waterproofing with asphalt, mortar, or sealing materials.


Plasterwork, mortar work, concrete waterproofing, spray work, grinding work, and washing out.


Construction of works by processing or applying wooden materials ,wooden structures to work.

Electrical work

Installation of power generation, transformer, power distribution, and

interior electrical facilities.

Interior finishing

Interior finishing using wood, plaster board, sound absorbing board, wallpaper, tatami mat, vinyl floor tiles, carpeting, sliding doors.

Landscape gardening

Land forming, tree planting, and construction of gardens, parks, and green areas by placement landscape stones.

Firefighting facilities work

Installation of disaster warning facilities, fire extinguishing facilities, evacuation facilities,

Waste facilities work

Installation of human waste management or garbage management facilities.